That’s easy 🙂

In short we all know that manually managing subscriptions and customers  is a complex and time-consuming task which asks for several human resources and hours of labour.

Having a platform capable of managing  orders, billing and invoicing allows for easy scaling while providing customers with a more immersive, efficient purchasing process.

Quantum CSP is such a platform which was launched in 2019 and has more than 3000 partners enrolled in the network.

When dealing with vendors and bundling offers, automation clears the necessity to navigate other portals.

Customizing SaaS solutions transitions from being a demanding, daily task to something customers can view, manager, analyze and purchase on their own in real time and with fast deployment.

With various updates , customizations, levels, the opportunity for all actors involved (ISV, reseller and distributors) is a key factor in mantaining customer retention and growing your business.