We are a passionate team of people from Romania. We are on the market since 2001, we started with software solutions dedicated to the public sector and today we empower over 200 cloud partners from the public administration and private sector in Romania to drive innovation and performance.

Our goal is to bring innovation and IT services together into one single integrated experience.

We are problem solving oriented and we promote smart city solutions and the CLOUD experience to the fullest.

Quantum CSP in brief:

  • Office365 or Azure self-service for your customers
  • Customer and end customer management
  • Digitalize Cloud management processes
  • Managing the products catalog
  • Quotations at a click away
  • End-to-end automation through API
  • Shipped as a SaaS service
  • Reducing sales and marketing costs through Quantum CSP
  • Simple and intuitive interface

Advantages for the Management Team

  • Creating Reseller accounts for the resale of your own solutions or services
  • Creating and managing subscriptions for end-users or directly by them
  • Managing customized customer pricing
  • Automate billing flow and detailed reporting in relationship with Vendors, Resellers and end customers- in just a snap
  • Integration of existing support / ticketing modules with the CSP platform to provide the client with a single communication interface
  • Complex reports, defined as well as customizable if needed
  • Controlling the relationship with Resellers / Customers according to their financial eligibility
  • The possibility of automated integration with online stores

Advantages for Resellers/ Customers

  • Simplified interface for direct subscriptions management
  • Provide comprehensive licensing / service or Azure consumption reporting (real-time consumption through the platform interface or API)
  • Expansion of solution portfolio and automation of sales and billing flow for Resellers
Consume, deploy and procure al your IT services in a powerful and simple way.
• Discover
• Automate provisioning
• Streamline consumption
• Self-service

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