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Tips and tricks on how to use Quantum CSP

Creating orders

When creating a new order, you need to keep in mind the desired scenario and, depending on it, have the necessary data to create the order.

The necessary data for creating an order are:

  • Company name
  • Physical address
  • Name of contact person, email address and phone number
When the customer is completely new


  • When the customer is completely new, this means that he never had a Microsoft subscription service with annual or monthly payment in any form of licensing: Open, OVS, OV, etc. (e.g. product with annual or monthly subscription: Office 365, Exchange Online, etc.).


Step 1:

  • Go to the Orders – New Order menu
  • Choose the New Customer option and start completing the fields required to create the customer.

*Also, in this step, we will also choose a tenant name (the location of the new client on Microsoft servers) that we will create by completing the Primary Domain field after selecting the ONMICROSOFT.COM option

*Please note: if you have chosen a tenant name that already exists you will be notified by the CSP platform with the message: Tenant already exists! Request delegated admin will be sent. To resolve, please choose a different tenant name until you have the confirmation message New tenant will be created.


Order details section

 From the Order details section – Billing type, we select the type of subscription we want for the new client:

  • Monthly: Will generate monthly invoices on billing date (12 of each month)
  • Annually: Will generate annual invoices
  • Trial: For cases where you want to give your client a 30-day test license


*Attention to: special price orders will be processed manually by representatives of Microsoft’s TNT department. This implicitly means that the activation of licenses will not be immediate, but only after approval of the special price order.

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