Quantum CSP is a simple and fast platform that brings the best cloud-based IT services together in a single experience.

Our solution delivers a unified cloud experience providing your business with the tools necessary to have control and manage all your cloud services and more in one place.

Consume, deploy and procure al your IT services in a powerful and simple way.

  • Discover
  • Automate provisioning
  • Streamline consumption
  • Self-service


  • Automated Registration Process for Resellers / Customers
  • Managing Resellers / Customers
  • The possibility of defining the commercial add-on for each Reseller or final customer, depending on the Solution (SaaS or Azure)
  • Manage users with access to the platform according to access level: Distributor / Solutions Provider, Reseller, Final Customer
  • Product Catalog:
  • An automated (on-demand) update for Microsoft solutions
  • View vendor invoices – for Microsoft solutions
  • ERP Mappings
  • Matching catalog products to supplier offers with part numbers and internal product names
  • Automated expedition function of the detailed invoice (after issuing the monthly invoice to the customers)
  • Audit operations performed in the platform


  • Viewing order orders: Pending, Processed, Cancelled
  • New Order:
  • Possibility to request special prices
  • Direct access to a Microsoft Rights Management flow
  • Direct access to a contract/deadlines/terms approval flow
  • Subscription management:
  • Automated import of all existing customers and subscriptions
  • Ability to transfer subscriptions to another reseller
  • Add or minimize the number of licenses on a subscription
  • Activate/cancel subscriptions
  • Adding user rights for Azure Subscriptions
  • TRIAL to PAID conversion for subscriptions

ERP connector

  • Solution for automatically generating invoices and import into ERP
  • Detailed reports for resellers attached to the monthly invoice showing the consumption of resources per customer
  • Reducing the number of manual operations and eliminating the risk of billing errors
  • Integration with the existing credit limit system of the Distributor / Solutions Provider
  • Reseller Access / Final Customer Block for Non-Payment, reseller account status will also be displayed in the portal
  • Possibility of blocking the Reseller / Final Customer for non-payment Credit Hold (block access to the platform, but subscriptions remain active)
  • Possibility of blocking the Reseller / Final Customer for non-payment – Administrative Block type (access to platform and subscriptions are stopped and destroyed)
  • Possibility to transfer customers to another Reseller
  • Notification of customers and resellers when transferring customers


  • Placing online orders by the Reseller and / or Final Customer
  • All functions in Managing Subscriptions in the Command Module
  • The possibility to configure differential add-on costs for AZURE consumption on each Reseller
  • The possibility to register “special deals” for certain final customers / resellers


  • Integrated billing solution tailored for monthly invoicing
  • Easy to import billing data into existing ERP
  • Reduce the number of manual operations and eliminate billing risk for Reseller
  • Monthly invoices issued quickly, lowering the prepayment risk to the Vendor
  • Integration with the existing credit limit system
  • Automatic transmission of the invoices to the Billing Module and automatic generation of Entry Notes in the program
  • Automatically billing CSP services based on contracts or add-ons over the Entry Note and automatically sending invoices to the final customer in the Billing Module


  • Simplified and detailed consumption reporting per Reseller / Final Client
  • Real-time reporting for Microsoft Azure (in platform interface or API)
  • Real-time alerts on exceeding Azure consumption budget
  • Analysis of Azure consumption evolution on Resellers as well as on final customers
  • SaaS consumption evolution analysis on Resellers or final customers
  • Alert when the consumption of a Reseller / Final Client decreases compared to previous months
  • Allows the development of any report type through a WIZARD customization

MarketPlace / Online Store

  • Offer your Resellers or Service Providers a platform that integrates with their site, turning it into an online store
  • Through this store, the final customer will be able to place orders automatically on behalf of the reseller and make payment by bank transfer
  • The ability to automatically generate a service contract from this Module
  • Professional Services – listing their own services and the possibility to include them in CSP services and Hardware bundles


  • Partners can use the platform in the sales process through the Integrated Marketing Module – with the following functions: creating newsletters or bundles of hardware products from their own portfolio
  • Possibility to submit software testing invitations available in their own portfolio
  • Possibility to create special offers limited over time, maintaining record keeping and conveying in Newsletter campaigns
  • Possibility to have differentiated price offers depending on the type of customer
  • The possibility of having a simplified and unified ordering process at the CSP vendor
  • Ability to develop/track partners and create special offers for them
  • Highlighting special offers in a dedicated section within the CSP platform

Integration with other vendors

  • The platform allows integration of other software vendors
  • The cost for this function can differ depending on the complexity of each vendor’s interconnection APIs.
  • A growing portfolio of vendors, with solutions tailored to your customers’ needs such as Microsoft, City Manager, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and more.