We want to give you a sneak peek into our solution since we started developing Quantum CSP in 2018 we now have fully integrated the platform with:

  • Microsoft : Microsoft SaaS, Azure, Perpetual licenses, Electronic Software Distribution and
  • Kasersky: Kaspersky MSP, B2B and B2C licenses.

Regaring Vendors without provisioning systems- we can now onboard any local Professional Services and Software Vendors without this ability.

What are we working on???

  • Kaspersky cconsumer product line
  • Bitdefender MSP
  • Bittitan

Let’s discuss business opportunities and find the best way to collaborate, whether you ar an ISV, a Reseller or a Distributor!


Well, our partnerships in Romania can help you access the largest reseller network consisting in over 3000+ resellers focused on selling across all customer segments:

  • Traditional and Value-added Resellers
  • System Integrators
  • Regional Retail
  • Online sales

Our promise

No hidden costs or high costs that prevents you ongoing business to develop