Network One Distribution shared with us their story and how/why did they chose Quantum CSP as a strategic solution. Thank you for your input!

Back in 2015 NOD became Cloud Solutions Provider for Microsoft. A game changing new strategy for a distributor and also a major challenge for all involved stakeholders: our staff, channel and not least, our customers. In order to achieve our goals as Service Provider, we started analyzing the options that we had on the table and choose our main tool: the automation platform.

Several weeks of analysis, with the according rush that always comes along with a new business context and not to mention our eagerness to get things started, we concluded with our option. We had some concerns about the way it will connect to our business needs such as: invoicing, reporting / sending automated monthly consumption details to our channel, importing existing subscriptions of our current customers etc., but we were assured by the supplier that we will get all the help we need.

After launching we got our first feedback from our channel and it was not so encouraging, platform proved to be very complex and hard to use by the majority of our resellers. We discussed with the platform provider shortly found that all our needs to simplify ordering process, invoicing automation, reporting / sending automated monthly consumption details to our channel, importing existing customers and contracts will generate a cost considerable higher that what we paid for our initial setup.

Clearly it was a problem for us, mainly coming from the attitude of our platform provider and that worried us most. That was the time when we started on thinking that we to have a faster solution, but coming from elsewhere. We started on discussing with #TNTComputers team about our concerns and they offered to solve our main concern with no costs. It was a mind blowing approach coming from their side and proved to be the best and fastest solution for our main concern – the billing automation. For a Service Provider, in time the automation of the billing process, control and transparency of this process, comes first in maintaining the highest satisfaction level of your channel. After this step we extended our collaboration with TNT Computers and now we have a full implementation from their side, that satisfies all our current needs.

When talking about our main benefits, with Q-CSP we can say that we have a simple, robust and very fast platform. Also talking about TNT Software and Product Development team, we can say that they are relying an great common sense as one of the strongest adjectives that best describes them, a great business understanding, updated with the latest technology and trends in software development, and last but not least serious and very fast in delivery.

Now we rely on Q-CSP with over 200 resellers onboarded, working and transacting our software solutions (based on subscription or perpetual) available in Q-CSP. Our resellers are traditional resellers, VAR’s, MSP’s, ISV’s and soon we will cover new channels that will help our growth goals.

Bottom line, we are very confident in Q-CSP team and thrilled about the new features that will soon be available to our channel.

Bogdan Lupu, Network One Distribution