Before Microsoft introduced its CSP, the role of resellers was mostly limited to selling software licenses to their clients .

Resellers are specialized parties with a strong local personal network, and it made sense that they would be able to advice their clients in choosing the right solutions and leave the operational side of things to the supplier. This meant that Microsoft took control of billing and advanced support , until now.

The Cloud technology changed everything. Instead of ongoing licensing contracts, end customers have started to prefer monthly payments that they can cancel on short notice without having to pay for an entire annual contract with no possibilities of canceling it. This did not work well with the long-term commitment that resellers have with their vendor.

Also, IT purchasing possibilities have markedly expanded, giving them access to a mix of IT services that were formerly out of their league.

Quantum CSP is offering exactly the automation tools needed for integration, provisioning and billing that resellers need to fully profit from the Microsoft CSP Program.